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Minister Dr Cerar at Future Sustainability Summit: “Fight against climate change requires a broader economic and social transformation”

As part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week held on 11–18 January, Minister Cerar took part in the Future Sustainability Summit today. At the panel titled “Technology vs. Policies: What will unlock climate action?” the Minister underlined the importance of a steadfast fight against climate change, which requires a broader economic and social transformation.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Miro Cerar in conversation with Armenian President Armen Sarkissian

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Miro Cerar in conversation with Armenian President Armen Sarkissian

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During the panel discussion, Minister Cerar explained the need for transition to a circular economy, which requires an active approach and the cooperation of various stakeholders. He focused on the importance of systemic changes that need to be fostered by states and local communities, and the role of individuals, who can contribute a great deal by changing their daily habits, especially regarding mobility and consumption. Minister Cerar concluded that we have to be honest and serious with climate action measures, as a deep understanding of these measures is essential for their success.

The panel discussion aimed to identify technologies facilitating the transition to a carbon-free society, while at the same time addressing the dilemma as to which approach states should adopt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The panel, which also included Shiv Khmeka (Sun Group), Bader Al Lamki (Tabreed) and Kilaparti Ramakrishna (head of strategic planning with the UN Green Climate Fund) discussed what would more effectively contribute to achieving decarbonisation – the setting of national goals to reduce emissions, or increasing support for particular climate measures, most importantly to research and innovation. 

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week is a global platform for fostering sustainable development, uniting policy makers, sustainable development experts and pioneers of new technologies. The event is well established as an important catalyst for exchanging knowledge and best practices and for guaranteeing solutions to ensure human progress. Sustainability Week is being held for the sixth time in a row this year; last year’s event was attended by 38,000 participants from 170 countries, and participation this year is also exceptionally high.