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The beauties of Slovenia once again featured in foreign media

Last week the online edition of Canadian newspaper The Vancouver Sun, which has more than 1.3 million monthly unique visitors, published an article entitled “Five reasons to visit tiny, perfect Slovenia”.

The most photographed destination in the country is Lake Bled, which is described as a “picture-perfect postcard”

The most photographed destination in the country is Lake Bled, which is described as a “picture-perfect postcard” | Author STO

In the article, which has appeared on more than 20 Canadian newspaper websites, the author describes those destinations in Slovenia which in his opinion will persuade the reader that Slovenia is worth a visit.

Journalist Tim Johnson offers five reasons to visit Slovenia. The first is Slovenia’s Adriatic coast, which he describes as “a strip of white sand, shockingly blue water and ancient coastal towns” – including Piran, where he recommends browsing the attractive little shops and ending with a beer or glass of wine in Tartini Square.

The next reason is the capital Ljubljana (“pronounced loob-lee-ahna”), which Johnson describes as an exceedingly pleasant place to spend a couple of days. Bisected by the Ljubljanica River, the “compact, gentle and green” city boasts a series of historic bridges, which visitors can pass under on tour boats.

The next destination is Lipica, “a horse-lover’s paradise and arguably the world’s oldest continuously operating stud farm, home to 350 stallions and mares of the unique Lipizzan breed”.

Johnson notes that “while small, much of Slovenia remains wild, covered in primeval forest and shot through with canyons and rivers”. He recommends a visit to the latter to all thrill-seekers. The article ends with the most photographed destination in the country, Lake Bled, which Johnson describes as a “picture-perfect postcard”.

The December issue of prestigious travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler included Bled Castle on its list of the 24 most beautiful castles in Europe, above all because of its picture-perfect setting. “What is it about castles that is so alluring to travellers?” asks the article’s author Caitlin Morton. The answer, she suggests, is that “aside from getting us one step closer to living out our fairytale fantasies, they showcase some of the world’s best architecture and most stunning landscapes.”

Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most popular sites thanks to “emerald waters, a church-dotted islet, views of the Julian Alps, and, of course, a Disney-like castle on a hill”, says Morton. “Climb up the forest trail to see Bled Castle's orange-roofed towers and 11th-century walls up close, then turn around to be afforded some of the most picture-perfect views of the lake you’ll ever find.”