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At COP25, members of the Green Group call for more ambitious climate action

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Madrid is hosting the 25th UN Climate Change Conference bringing together states parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to discuss efforts against climate change. Members of the Green Group (Slovenia, Iceland, Costa Rica, Singapore, Cabo Verde and the United Arab Emirates), jointly striving for an effective response to environmental challenges, called for more ambitious climate action in a Joint Ministerial Statement.

The Green Group underlined the need for more comprehensive management of water resources and a more thorough understanding of the effects of climate change on water security, and advocated for the transformation of water into an instrument of cooperation and peace.

It called for changing unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, and for a speedy transition to a circular economy. The Group welcomed the conclusions of the International Resource Panel (IRP) adopted at its recent meeting in Bled, which stress that a socially fair transition to a thriving and climate neutral economy is in the best interest of our and future generations.

The Group further advocated for the adoption of ambitious measures aimed at mitigation and adaptation to climate change at COP25.

In the Joint Ministerial Statement, members of the Green Group reaffirmed their commitment to the transition to renewable energy sources, investments in energy efficiency and technological advancement, and accelerated technology transfer to developing countries.