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Successful presentation of Slovenian winemakers in Shanghai

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, 16 Slovenian winemakers made a successful appearance at the ProWine Fair in Shanghai. The three-day event is one of the most important wine-related trade fairs in the Asian market. According to the winemakers, the presentation was a great success.
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The exhibition stand of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food featured the Klet Brda Winery, Edi Simčič, Marjan Simčič, Ščurek, Ferdinand, Kristančič, Mare Santo, Jakončič, Erzetič, Vinakras, Santomas, Vinakoper, the Ptujska klet Winery, Radgonske gorice, Marof and Steyer. The winemakers were very satisfied with the presentation, stressing the importance of their presence in the Asian market. What makes the fair particularly interesting is that it is attended exclusively by wine professionals, which makes all the contacts made at the ProWine Fair in Shanghai extremely valuable.

With the help of the Maribor – Pohorje Tourist Board, the Wine Queen of Maribor, Ana Protner, was also able to join the Slovenian delegation. After the presentation, she said that there was considerable interest in Slovenian wine and that the visitors knew Slovenia, meaning that our country was not such a mystery to them after all.

The Chinese love Slovenian wine and consider it to be of a very high quality. Slovenian winemakers believe that such presentations should continue in the future, as each appearance leaves a memorable impression of the excellence of Slovenian wines abroad. Furthermore, participation in fairs such as the one in Shanghai helps raise visibility and promote Slovenia as a country. In light of the recent fair in China, the Ministry will strive continuously to meet the winemakers' needs and business interests in the future.