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Young Women Ambassadors” project - joint event

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
As part of the meeting hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, students participating in the Young Women Ambassadors project learnt more about consular affairs.

They met head of the Consular Service Andrej Šter, who outlined the main consular activities, including those performed by the diplomatic and consular network abroad, along with assistance to Slovenian citizens and information about where in a foreign country Slovenian citizens may seek such assistance if there is no Slovenian representation. They also learnt more about travel safety and travel instructions, visa affairs, e-notification and other consular services, about which more information is available at the Ministry’s website.

At the invitation of the Minister of Finance, Dr Andrej Bertoncelj, the Young Women Ambassadors also visited the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, where they were informed of its key activities and of the e-taxes application. The Financial Administration has been engaging in diverse promotional activities aimed at various groups. In this context, the students were acquainted with the project on tax literacy for young people, learning more about the practical side of the Administration’s work, such as the customs laboratory and various confiscated fake goods.

The young women also met the Slovenian MEPs Tanja Fajon and Ljudmila Novak who, based on their extensive personal experience, outlined the developments in both the international and Slovenian political arenas, and went on to describe the representation of Slovenian interests in the 751-strong European Parliament.

During the event, the Young Women Ambassadors briefly met US Deputy Assistant Secretary Matthew G. Boyse, who was holding talks with State Secretary Simona Leskovar.

The Young Women Ambassadors project is headed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with foreign women ambassadors in Slovenia. Through the mentorship project, the young project participants are learning more about the role and activities of women in foreign affairs and international relations.