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Slovenian minority writer to get Austrian literary award

The Klagenfurt-based Slovenian-Austrian author Maja Haderlap is to receive an Austrian Art Prize which comes with a EUR 15,000 cheque. The award ceremony will take place at the Federal Chancellery in Vienna on 25 November.

Author Maja Haderlap

Author Maja Haderlap | Author Stanko Gruden, STA

Austrian Art Prize recipients are selected by a judging panel of experts and awarded by the Austrian culture minister, according to web portal

Apart from Haderlap, who has won the prize in the literature category, Austria will also bestow a cultural initiative prize on the Rož Slovenian cultural association from Austrian Carinthia, established in 1902.

"This year's winners highlight a wide spectrum of artistic endeavours in Austria - art which has gained international attention and which often serves as a guideline," Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, who is also in charge of EU affairs, arts, culture and media, has said.

"The country is tasked to promote these innovative trends. Austrian art significantly contributes to an international discourse and highlights the key element of contemporary artistic endeavours - to hold up a mirror to society and encourage reflection," Schallenberg added.

According to, Peter Kaiser, the governor of Carinthia, has said that the Carinthian culture and art scene transcends its own borders, adding that Haderlap's work has broadened the horizons of her fellow Carinthians.

The Rož association is also worthy of the prize, having been integrating the most noble aspects of both Slovenian and Austrian cultures in their projects, said Kaiser.