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Mobility week: Walk with us!

The past few days in Slovenia have been dedicated to celebrating Mobility Week, which features the introduction of sustainable mobility actions. A record number of 78 Slovenian municipalities participated in the event this year, and the common theme of this year’s Mobility Week was the slogan ‘Walk with us!’, under which numerous organisations promoted the advantages of walking.

European mobility week 2019 is focusing on safe walking and cycling

European mobility week 2019 is focusing on safe walking and cycling | Author PeopleImages-GettyImages/GulliverFilm&Foto

As noted by the Ministry of Infrastructure before the beginning of Mobility Week, walking not only gets us from point A to point B, but also provides us with a minimum level of exercise. According to the Slovenian coordinator of European Mobility Week Polona Demšar Mitrovič, the lack of physical activity among the population due to the excessive use of cars is a major problem in modern society. “Since we rely on cars too much, our streets are full of sheet metal, our air is polluted, and we ourselves move around much too little. For short distances, walking is the most efficient and least time-consuming means of transport,” she stated.

Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek also noted that transport, particularly motorised road transport, contributes a greater share of greenhouse gases than any other sector in Slovenia. “Increased emissions of greenhouse gases accelerate climate change, and therefore we have to do everything we can to reduce them. Using transport means such as public transport, biking and walking are much more environmentally friendly,” she stated.

The Ministry of Health also emphasised the advantages of walking. They stated that “walking and biking are two excellent ways to increase our overall daily level of physical activity. Just a half hour of moderate physical activity every day can help keep you healthy. You can achieve significant results by making a few small adjustments.”