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Ministers Cerar and Noskov enhance economic cooperation

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Miro Cerar met Russian Minister for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Konstantin Noskov today as part of Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec’s official visit to Russia. As co-chairs of the Intergovernmental Slovenian-Russian Commission for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, which held its last session at Bled on 14 June, Ministers Cerar and Noskov noted that progress has been achieved in numerous joint projects. They reaffirmed that economic cooperation between their two countries was rewarded today with the signing of two business agreements between a Slovenian company and two Russian companies, paving the way for cooperation on third markets.  

The two ministers agreed that high-level meetings help enhance all-round cooperation between Slovenia and Russia. In this light, the visit by the Slovenian Prime Minister accompanied by a business delegation is of exceptional importance for enhancing mutual economic cooperation. The Prime Minister is accompanied by representatives of ten leading Slovenian companies that are already present on the Russian market and aspire to enhance their activities with new high-tech projects. In addition to Krka and Iskratel, the two largest Slovenian investors in Russia, these companies also include Comita, Duol, Elan Inventa, Geoplin, Kolektor, Petrol, Riko and the SIJ Slovenian Steel Group. These companies also take part in intergovernmental dialogue, which has been institutionalised as the Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation, co-chaired by Ministers Cerar and Noskov.

The Commission contributes a great deal to identifying new business opportunities. The ministers were pleased to note that some projects that were presented during the Commission’s last session will be expanded at today’s business meeting between Slovenian and Russian companies when two large business contracts on energy efficiency are signed by the Slovenian company Petrol and Russian partners. Enhancing cooperation in this area opens up new opportunities for Slovenian–Russian cooperation on third markets.

The ministers also agreed that cooperation between their two countries is running smoothly in business, culture, science, education and other areas. In the last half of the year, 36% growth in trade was recorded between Slovenia and Russia, along with a 6% increase in exports to Russia. By expanding joint projects, new opportunities have been created for joint ventures on foreign markets. Today’s ceremonial unveiling of a monument dedicated to the Slovenian victims of the two world wars on Russian territory further confirmed the close links and friendship between the two countries, emphasised Ministers Cerar and Noskov.