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The Prime Minister reviewed the situation on the border with Croatia

  • Former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec (2018 - 2020)

Prime Minister Marjan Šarec, together with the Minister of the Interior, Boštjan Poklukar and Director General of the Police, Tatjana Bobnar, LLM reviewed the situation on the border with the Republic of Croatia in the Municipality of Ilirska Bistrica on Monday. He also had a meeting with police officers, members of the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Croatian police operating along the border.

At the conclusion of the field visit, PM Šarec met a joint Slovenian and Croatian police patrol. | Author Nebojša Tejić, STA

He held talks in Ilirska Bistrica with the Mayor of the Municipality, Emil Rojc, and his delegation. After the meeting, he stressed that its timing was intentionally chosen to be after the European elections, as the importance of security issues and the related dilemmas goes beyond the time of such votes. He continued by saying that the government is aware of the problem of illegal crossings of the border, and the related issues faced by the local population. This year the government has allocated considerable additional funds to the Slovenian police and will continue to do so in the future.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the government continues to stay in contact with the municipalities along the border. “We cannot accept any scare tactics whatsoever, sometimes motivated by daily politics. We will continue to work together, the talks we held were frank and I am certain that we will also cooperate in the future to address such issues, because local people deserve to be taken seriously.”

Following the inspection of the situation along the border with the Republic of Croatia in the Ilirska Bistrica municipality, Prime Minister Marjan Šarec continued his visit in the municipalities of Kostel and Črnomelj. He was joined by the Mayors of both municipalities and their delegations.

Following a visit to Slavski Laz suspension bridge, where joint police and army patrols operate, he stressed that the police and army guard the border in an appropriate manner. He was also briefed on day-to-day problems and challenges faced by the local population due to illegal migration.

At the conclusion of the field visit, he met a joint Slovenian and Croatian police patrol, accompanied by the Mayor of the Municipality of Črnomelj and members of the Slovenian Army involved in the protection of the border in and around Žuniči. Andrej Kavšek, the Mayor of Črnomlje, stressed the government’s readiness to cover the costs of removing waste left behind by illegal migrants.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that cooperation with the mayor is very close, and that he had learned at first hand that the situation is under control. “We have seen how the protection of the border is ensured, and can say that the situation is satisfactory.”