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13th Africa Day International Conference

When to
Where Center Rog, Trubarjeva cesta 72, Ljubljana
The 13th Africa Day International Conference is organised by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, in cooperation with the Bled Strategic Forum, the European Commission and the Chatham House Africa Programme, and takes place under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Slovenia.

Africa Day 2024

The topic of this year's conference will be green transition. The climate crisis has a growing impact on global peace and security and hinders sustainable development. The link between peace and environmental sustainability is widely recognised, and there is a growing awareness of the crucial role of the green energy transition as a catalyst for environmental sustainability, economic development and regional stability. In the context of Slovenia's membership of the UN Security Council, the conference will focus on the critical interplay between the green transition, development, peace and security.

The 13th Africa Day will provide a platform for inter-regional exchange and cooperation as speakers explore the ways in which green technologies, sustainable practices and environmentally friendly policies can drive positive change. It will bring together decision-makers and experts from Europe and Africa to identify the key challenges and policy priorities for a green transition and a stronger Europe-Africa partnership.

For more information on the Conference please visit the Bled strategic forum website.

The conference will be accompanied by a cultural programme featuring joint performances by Slovenian and African musicians in the spirit of intercultural dialogue, cooperation and understanding.