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SEMIC Conference “Human-Centric Data Spaces – Powered by Interoperability”

Video conference
Over the last year, different sectors have started preparatory work on data spaces, aiming to foster a single market for data. Semantic interoperability is the key enabler for data to flow within the EU and across sectors. SEMIC2021 will therefore bring together stakeholders and practitioners across domains to discuss how data sets can be exchanged between data providers and consumers while protecting EU ethical values, ensuring human centricity and using emerging technologies.

Participants can learn about examples of cross-border data exchange between public administrations and find out about the potential of emerging technologies. Parallel sessions, illustrated by case studies, will be held on topics such as:

  • Methods and tools for creating semantic assets,
  • How interoperability and user centricity can help exchange complex datasets across Member States within and across sectors,
  • Usage of emerging data technologies in ethical manner to enhance public services,
  • Good practice on semantic interoperability and data tools."