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The Transport Policy Directorate performs expert and administrative tasks related to sustainable mobility, transport policy, public passenger transport, international affairs and protocol. This includes the drawing up of strategic documents, technical bases, regulations and measures related to the transport policy (the strategy and resolution on the national transport development programme), sustainable mobility, public passenger transport and international transport affairs.

The Directorate is responsible for monitoring the EU's transport policy and ensuring compliance therewith, implementing Slovenia's transport policy, its integration into the Trans-European Transport Network and transport networks of third countries, as well as for setting up financing frameworks for the transport policy and sustainable mobility measures from EU sources. Moreover, the Directorate prepares and monitors calls for proposals in sustainable mobility, including the promotion of sustainable forms of mobility and combined transport and proposing measures for transport development and regulation. It also participates in coordinating the environmental and climate change measures related to transport, as well as monitors EU affairs and international relations in the Ministry's fields of work.

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  • International Affairs and Protocol Division

    Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy
    Transport Policy Directorate

    Langusova ulica 4
    1535 Ljubljana