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State Secretary responsible for the public sector, salary and public employee system, tangible assets, the training of civil servants, the council of officials, the inspection board and the inspection service and the Secretariat General of the Ministry
Urban Kodrič

Author: Žan Kolman, Urad vlade za komuniciranje

Urban Kodrič graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Maribor and started his career in 2003 at the Municipality of Zreče. After his internship, his sense of justice and ability to mediate brought him to the Market Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia, where, over his 17-year career, he assumed the duties of union representative, head of the regional unit and chairman of the regional coordination of inspection services.

His area of work was the protection of consumers and enterprises, as well as market regulation in the provision of assistance to weaker parties.

As a person, Kodrič is characterised by calmness, prudence and a non-confrontational attitude. At work, however, he is driven by a desire to benefit the wider community.