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The Transparency and Political System Division is responsible for electoral and referendum legislation and legislation relating to access to public information and for strengthening the transparency of the work and integrity of public employees and high officials.

In the area of electoral and referendum legislation, it provides opinions and prepares legislative amendments regarding the set of laws governing elections to the National Assembly and the European Parliament, elections of the President of the Republic, electoral and referendum campaigns, referendums, and popular initiatives.

To ensure the open and transparent operation of all public sector bodies, the Division performs promotional and development tasks in this field. It informs applicants and bodies of the method of and the conditions for access to public information. A special emphasis is put on the proactive publication of public information in open formats (open data) on the Open Data Portal Slovenia OPSI.

The Division also prepares government measures to enhance integrity and transparency. The purpose of such measures is to increase the integrity of institutions, public employees and high officials. The Division prepares various guidelines and provides training to promote and strengthen integrity.

Within its area of competence, it is active at the international level, prepares the positions of the Republic of Slovenia, and participates in meetings of the EU Council, European Commission, the Council of Europe, OECD, etc.

It organises events, seminars, conferences and training and prepares expert materials, video content, etc.