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The Personnel Service is responsible for the provision and training of appropriate personnel for work at the Ministry and Slovenia's representations abroad, performs tasks relating to the exercise of rights arising from employment, health insurance and voluntary health insurance, provides assistance in arranging health and social insurance for family members of workers employed abroad, and performs tasks relating to the obligations and responsibilities of the Ministry's employees. 

It carries out procedures for employing new staff and transferring employees within the Ministry and other state authorities. It carries out procedures for the evaluation and promotion of employees and other procedures in the area of human resource management. It plans the career paths of employees and ensures the smooth transfer of employees from the foreign service to the internal service. 

Within the limits of the available resources, it ensures the continuous training of employees. It prepares internal calls for proposals for the co-funding of education, makes referrals to traineeship for the state judicial examination, provides organisational support regarding holding and taking the diplomatic exam, keeps records of exams passed, and organises different lectures and training courses. 

It carries out all procedures relating to the performance of work in the foreign service. It prepares internal publications or calls for applications for job vacancies, decisions on rights and obligations, and employment contracts for persons posted to the foreign service. 

On the proposal of the competent departments, it coordinates procedures for opening or closing Slovenia's representations abroad. It coordinates procedures for the appointment and termination of the office of heads of diplomatic missions and consular posts, including honorary consuls. It keeps a record of the local staff at Slovenia's representations abroad. 

It is responsible for the entry of all the data for the calculation of salaries, prepares the necessary documents for the calculation and payment of salaries to employees, taxes and contributions, and supervises payroll accounting. It prepares different decisions on the benefits to which public employees are entitled in accordance with regulations.