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The mission of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is to train highly skilled and versatile Slovenian diplomats, consuls and employees of the Ministry who will be able to respond quickly and effectively to new challenges facing Europe and the world and represent their country, its interests, values and advantages with confidence and skill. The guiding principles of our work include application, practicality, interactivity and excellence.

The Academy is designed not as an institution but as a flexible programme that enables learning in the context of the work process for practical work in diplomacy. To respond to the needs of Slovenian diplomacy, diplomatic education must focus on the transfer of theory into practice (applied science) and the consideration of practical cases and experiences. In this process, all participants must play an active role. This is a conceptual leap from the pedagogical direction to a pedagogical-andragogical (connective) approach, which is increasingly used in adult education programmes, whereby the exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience takes place through a multi-directional approach.

The Diplomatic Academy is based on the concept of continuing education, which we offer by providing weekly lectures. In line with modern trends, we have established an online classroom containing lectures on diplomatic topics. You can also follow our activities on the Diplomatic Academy Facebook page. As part of the training, we carry out professional examinations for the employees of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. The most useful basic literature is contained in the International Law series, jointly published by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and FDV Publishing House.

The structure of the Diplomatic Academy rests on four pillars: diplomatic examinations (first pillar); the concept of continuous training in diplomatic skills and topics (second and third pillars), and ad-hoc events such as seminars (fourth pillar). With lectures by experienced diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, who represent the majority of educators at the Academy, we focus on providing training for employees of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (the by staff, for staff approach). External lecturers, whether domestic or foreign, from theory or practice, are also welcome to participate in the programmes.

Our didactic methods and programmes are developed in cooperation with the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education. We are part of the European Diplomatic Programme based on connections between, and the training of, diplomats in the European Union, bringing together heads of diplomatic academies in the EU member states, representatives of the European External Action Service (EEAS) and younger European diplomats. We have also established links with other related institutions, such as the British, Dutch, Viennese and Emirates diplomatic academies.