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Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Travel Advice: COVID-19

As the probability of infection with COVID-19 remains present, Slovenian citizens wishing to travel abroad are advised to follow the news on the spread of the virus, especially on the planned route, to check the conditions of entry into the country of destination, and to comply with local rules. Slovenian citizens returning from abroad are advised to follow the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

Current information on border crossings, measures at the border upon entry into Slovenia and the lists of countries can be found on the special page Border Crossing.

The Department for International Organisations monitors the activities of the United Nations and its main bodies, with a special emphasis on the work of the Security Council and the General Assembly. It also monitors the activities of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the Council of Europe.

It coordinates Slovenia's activities within specialised agencies, funds and UN programmes with the competent authorities. It monitors initiatives in the UN system (the Alliance of Civilizations, the Community of Democracies, the Human Security Network, and the Group of Friends of Mediation). It promotes the active role of Slovenia in representing its national interests within the UN. It proposes, assists in the development of, and carries out Slovenian priority tasks within the UN, with an emphasis on promoting effective multilateral cooperation and the comprehensive reform of the UN, supporting mechanisms for the peaceful settlement and prevention of disputes, ensuring respect for the rule of law, promoting intercultural and interfaith dialogue and monitoring other issues pertaining to international peace and security considered within the UN.

Its areas of work include activities related to Slovenia's membership of the OSCE and the Council of Europe. It coordinates positions and represents Slovenia's interests at meetings and other events held within these two organisations. It provides substantive support to the ITF Enhancing Human Security.

It is responsible for (conventional) arms control, non-proliferation, and disarmament. It ensures the coordination of Slovenia's positions with other ministries and Slovenia's cooperation with other countries and international organisations and regimes in this area.

It also coordinates the candidacies of Slovenia and Slovenian representatives for membership in international and regional organisations.