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The department is focusing on current global challenges the international community is facing and which require new forms of international cooperation. There is also special focus on climate, water and food security, biodiversity and the oceans.

The department monitors the development of international policies on these issues and, in cooperation with other relevant ministries and departments, prepares proposals and formulates positions on Slovenia's responses. At the EU level, it participates in the Green Diplomacy Network and supervises the integration of environmental objectives into the EU’s external action. Within the United Nations, the department’s task is to support Slovenia’s active role in international initiatives and partnerships that are key to effectively tackling the mentioned challenges at the global level.

Another field of activity is public diplomacy, in tandem with the efforts to engage society at large in dealing with global challenges. The department works closely with academic, scientific, economic and cultural actors to internationalise their knowledge and good practices and participates in relevant conferences at home and abroad. In cooperation with diplomatic missions, it also organises discussions on topical issues.