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The Department for Neighbouring Countries and Cross-border Cooperation performs tasks related to the deepening and strengthening of relations with Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, San Marino, the Holy See and the Sovereign Order of Malta.

It follows important bilateral, European and multilateral topics and issues that relate to individual neighbouring countries and are important for Slovenia's comprehensive foreign policy. Special attention is devoted to border areas in neighbouring countries (Hungary, Austria, Italy and Croatia), where a Slovenian minority lives and operates, and to cooperation with such areas.

The Department monitors political, economic and other developments in these countries, with an emphasis on their foreign policy orientations. It participates in the inter-ministerial coordination of issues pertaining to relations with neighbouring countries.

It collects, processes and produces materials, information and analyses. It drafts documents and materials for intergovernmental and international meetings and visits, puts forward initiatives for the contractual arrangement of individual issues, and monitors the implementation of treaties with the aforementioned countries. It participates in the expert and analytical processing of materials that the Ministry sends to other state authorities. It performs tasks related to the coordination of activities in the preparation of umbrella intergovernmental agreements and monitors the implementation thereof.