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The Defence Affairs Directorate is responsible for ensuring the functioning of the defence system by directing and coordinating defence planning, critical infrastructure, preparations, measures and activities for a timely response to various types of crises and wars. It coordinates activities in the field of civilian preparedness, military mobility and the effective management of hybrid threats.

The Defence Directorate directs and coordinates duties related to defence planning. It ensures the conditions for the operation of the defence system during crises and carries out activities aimed at responding to various types of crisis and war and at building civilian capabilities to support the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Allies’ forces on the territory of Slovenia and in international operations and missions. The Directorate also provides personnel for military defence.

The Regional Defence Administrations perform a number of military affairs and defence planning functions. They register military conscripts in military records, inform military conscripts of their duties and rights, promote the Slovenian Armed Forces and recruit personnel, and cooperate with the employers of members of the contract reserve structure. Furthermore, the Administrations issue certificates based on military records, appoint citizens to defence duties and plan activities in case of the re-introduction of compulsory military service. They coordinate civilian capabilities for the needs of the Slovenian Armed Forces and NATO, coordinate activities for the provision of material supply and medical care, and conduct administrative procedures related to the issuing of consents for placing agricultural land, forests and land intended for settlement on the market.

Organisational Units of the Directorate