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State Secretary for Cohesion Policy
Marko  Koprivc

Mag. Marko Koprivc, born on 14 December 1978 in Koper, has a Master’s Degree in Political Science and is a City Councillor in the City of Ljubljana. He was a Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia between 2018 and 2022 where he served as Vice-Chair of the Committee on EU Affairs and the Committee on Education, Science, Sports and Youth. Mr Koprivc was also a member of the Committee on Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Disability, the Commission for the National Communities, and the Commission for Relations with Slovenes in Neighbouring and other Countries. He started his career as a desk officer in the City Council of the City of Ljubljana. Before taking his seat in the National Assembly, he worked at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports in the field of education development and quality. He was a member of councils of numerous institutions, including the council of the public institute Ljubljana Tourism.

His view of the world and the values he grew up with and adopted at an early age – social justice, solidarity, pacifism, brotherhood between nations, gender equality, acceptance of diversity and the importance of intergenerational solidarity led him to decide to contribute to the well-being of society and to play an active role in society.

Through his work, Mr Koprivc contributes to building a society that, first and foremost, takes care of the working-age population, retired citizens and school-age population as well as young families, people with disabilities and job seekers; and a society that creates a favourable environment for corporate social responsibility.

He believes that with the wealth of knowledge, good practices and experience we can deliver adequate support to Cohesion Policy management to improve the quality of life for all. After all, leaving no one behind is one of the fundamental principles of a united Europe.