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The Communication and International Affairs Division is responsible for strategic communication planning and strategic planning of promotion and information activities to increase the visibility of Cohesion Policy. It provides public relation services to other departments of the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy and carries out international activities.

The Communication Division manages and coordinates communication and promotion projects, plans and manages online and digital communication projects connected with communication projects and promotion and information campaigns aiming to raise awareness of ESI Funds and Cohesion Policy in Slovenia. It is responsible for developing communication guidelines and guidance documents regarding promotional activities for Cohesion Policy beneficiaries. It informs the public and the press of the work and decisions by the managing authority, writes press releases, and deals with enquiries from the press, the partners and the general public about Cohesion Policy-related questions. The division plans, creates, publishes and manages the content on the website and the associated social channels. It is responsible for developing and managing the visual identity of Cohesion Policy in Slovenia and for the correct use of the brand and its elements. It creates and publishes a monthly newsletter called Vizija Kohezija and makes sure that virtual cohesion assistant Ema provides updated information.