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State Secretary for the Coordination of Measures and Activities for 2023 Post-Flood Reconstruction
Boštjan Šefic

Author: Bor Slana/STA

Boštjan Šefic was born in 1962 in Kranj, where he has lived all his life. He first went to Kranj grammar school and in 1994 graduated from the Internal Affairs College (now the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security). Later he continued his studies at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Kranj. After graduating, he also obtained a specialist degree in organisation and management at the same faculty.

In 1988, he began working at the National Secretariat for the Interior, later the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia, then went on to work for the Security and Information Service and later for the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency (SOVA). During this time, he performed various tasks; in his final years at SOVA, he was Head of the Director's Office between February 2000 and October 2003, before briefly serving as Head of Operations. In January 2004, he was appointed the Agency's Deputy Director. He occupied this position until the end of September 2007, when he joined the ECOSEC as Executive Director.

In April 2013, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia appointed him State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, where he served until the end of the Government’s term of office, after which the Government reappointed him State Secretary at the same Ministry for the 2014-2018 term of office. During the Minister's absence, he headed the Ministry under delegated authority.

Between September 2018 and March 2019, he was Adviser to the Minister of Defence.

Since 2000, he has played an active role in the National Security Council and its Secretariat, and later also in the Inter-Ministerial Working Group for Counter-Terrorism, which he chaired for some time. He also participated in other inter-ministerial working groups and various NATO and EU working bodies. He was also a member of evaluation groups assessing the counter-terrorism preparedness of individual EU Member States. As State Secretary, he was active in the international arena, attending meetings of EU Ministers of the Interior and numerous international conferences at home and abroad, and also chairing some of them.

Throughout his career, he has contributed his expertise to meetings and summits, and has occasionally lectured as an external expert to students at the Faculty of Social Sciences and at international conferences.

Boštjan Šefic is the recipient of the Medal of Merit and several other accolades.