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Division for European Affairs and Informatisation of Legislative Procedures

The Division for European Affairs and Informatisation of Legislative Procedures is working to ensure that the legislative procedures are implemented as smoothly as possible, in accordance with the prescribed rules and the Resolution on Legislative Regulation. Steps of such procedures should be publicly available in order to enable the monitoring of the process by the public and its participation in the process where appropriate. To facilitate the drafters the preparation of draft laws and other regulations, materials and documents which are required for quality decision-making, the Government Office for Legislation ensures that steps in that process are supported by IT systems to the greatest extent possible. To this end, the Division upgrades the supporting IT tools and websites providing access to Slovenian and EU law.

One of the most important tools is the Legal Information System of the Republic of Slovenia (PIS), though this is by no means the only information system managed by the Division. Simultaneously and in cooperation with ministries and other government offices, the Division develops new, ever more effective and user-friendly applications, including the modular framework for the preparation of electronic documents (MOPED).

In this manner, the Division pursues the goals of increasing transparency, traceability and uniformity in drafting legislation and background documents which are required for decision-making, complies with the duty of providing open data, introduces uniform quality standards for all drafters of legislation, and ultimately, in the field of law implements the Digital Agenda for Europe, which is aimed, inter alia, at enhancing the trust and security in new technologies, increasing digital literacy and facilitating access to online services for all European citizens.

The Division ensures that the Slovenian laws and other regulations adopted to transpose directives of the EU into Slovenian law are communicated to the European Commission in a timely manner; related to this the Division participates in the preparation of the responses of the Republic of Slovenia in infringement and judicial procedures. At the EU level, the Division is actively involved in working groups that register, process and publish legal information on the internet.