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About the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Legislation

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The main concern and responsibility of the Government Office for Legislation is to ensure that regulations are constitutional and lawful, internally consistent, prepared in accordance with the rules on legislative drafting, comprehensible to its addressees and effective in practice.

Active interlocutor in the inter-ministerial coordination of laws and regulations

The Government Office for Legislation therefore directs the legislative drafters to the implementation of the basic legal principles and the well-established rules on legislative drafting, helping them to incorporate and align proposed laws and regulations with other Slovenian laws and regulations and the EU law, as well as draw their attention to the problems and consequences that may arise after the enforcement of laws and regulations that have not been sufficiently well prepared.

According to the Government’s Rules of Procedure, the Government Office for Legislation shall always be consulted on any proposed general acts and acts directly impacting the Government’s activities. Materials failing to reflect opinions of the consulted bodies may only be submitted to the Government for consideration if, after having obtained the requested opinions of the ministries and government offices, an agreement among them cannot be reached. Non-consultation is only permitted in duly justified cases of extreme urgency, for which the reasons shall be stated.

The Government Office for Legislation has 14 days to prepare an opinion. The Government Office for Legislation shall be reconsulted if during the inter-ministerial coordination process there are substantive amendments to draft material on which the opinion of the Government Office for Legislation has already been requested. An opinion in reconsulting phase must be provided no later than five working days after the receipt of the amended material.

Provider of IT support to legislative procedure

The Government Office for Legislation establishes and maintains IT systems that enable drafting of laws and regulations, including any other background and reference materials necessary for decision-making, in a uniform manner and in accordance with the applicable quality standards. These systems provide the conditions for an effective exchange of data and documents between various IT systems of state authorities and for public access to Slovenian and EU law.

Co-creator of good legislative practices

The Government Office for Legislation carries out a number of projects of national importance, such as the project of setting up the Legal Information System of the Republic of Slovenia (PIS), the project of translation and expert revision of the most relevant Slovenian legislation into English, and the project of setting up the information system for the preparation of electronic documents in the legislative procedure.

A key task of the Government Office for Legislation is a concern for the implementation and application of the rules on legislative drafting that are publicly available in the Guidelines on legislative drafting (Nomotehnične smernice).

The Government Office for Legislation regularly hosts delegations from the countries of south-east Europe that, in the process of the approximation to the European Union, need and appreciate Slovenian experience both from the period immediately prior to and following the accession to the European Union.


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