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The Radiation Safety and Materials Division supervises and monitors radiation safety in nuclear, radiation and minor radiation facilities, issues licences, and approves modifications, programmes and construction works in areas of restricted use due to nuclear facilities.

It conducts radiological monitoring, analyses the results obtained, and monitors the levels of general radioactivity, contamination and the concentration trends of radionuclides in the environment. It is responsible for the early warning network to be used in the event of an emergency and for the continuous monitoring of the radiation level in the environment.

It licenses radiation practices and the use of radiation sources in industry and research and supervises radioactive waste management, including decommissioning waste and clearance of radioactive material and the import, export, entry, exit, transport and transit of nuclear and radioactive material.

It oversees the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, nuclear material security measures and facility security, including cyber security in the nuclear sector, and monitors the area of nuclear security.

It provides control of items of general use, of materials containing natural radionuclides and of consignments that could contain orphan sources.

It provides for the regulatory framework covering the Division’s remit, fulfils international obligations, prepares reports, assessments and analyses, and keeps registers and records of facilities, activities, materials and substances under its control.

Non-proliferation and Nuclear Security