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The remit of the Emergency Preparedness Division includes ensuring the preparedness of the Administration for emergency response (in the event of nuclear or radiological accidents), cooperating with a wide range of organisations and authorities in emergency planning and response at the national level, and cooperating in emergency preparedness at the international level.

Under the National Emergency Plan in the Event of a Nuclear or Radiological Accident, the Administration has a number of tasks in the case of emergency. Its priority task is advising, which includes analysing the emergency and supporting the commander of the Civil Protection of the Republic of Slovenia and the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Slovenia by proposing protective measures for the population and cooperating in informing the public at the national level. At the international level, the Administration is responsible for notifying the IAEA, the EU and the neighbouring countries of an emergency in the Republic of Slovenia or for receiving information from them in the event of an emergency abroad. The online tool facilitating the communication among the managing bodies at the national level (emergency communication – KID) is used by the Administration to support the work of other ministries if they need information on an emergency or its predicted development.

Like in everyday situations, also in emergency situations the Administration exchanges radiological data with the international community through the EURDEP system, coordinates special monitoring of radioactivity and, as a rule, carries out inspections at the site of the emergency.

In the event of an emergency of a terrorist nature, the Administration is responsible for immediate response, for representation in the inter-ministerial Operational Group, for monitoring the results of radiological monitoring, for expert assistance in cases of radiological contamination or threats, for determining action criteria in the event of an attack involving nuclear or radioactive material, for proposing appropriate protective actions to the commander of the Civil Protection of the Republic of Slovenia, and for participating in the preparation of public information.