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The Environment Agency is a body of the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy. Its mission is to monitor, analyse and forecast natural phenomena and processes in the environment, and to reduce natural threats to people and property.

The following tasks are performed by the national services for meteorology, hydrology and seismology:

  • performing tasks of the national meteorological, hydrological, oceanographic and seismological services,
  • monitoring state of the soil, water and air,
  • performing tasks of the State in relation to operational monitoring, except monitoring for the purpose of reducing risks to the environment, issuing authorizations to carry out operational monitoring, keeping records of operational monitoring providers and checking the quality of operational monitoring,
  • performing monitoring tasks related to waste management and extended producer responsibility,
  • performing administrative tasks related to liability for the prevention or remediation of environmental damage,
  • fulfilling or participating in the realization of the international obligations of the Republic of Slovenia about the tasks referred to in previous five points and carrying out the tasks of international exchange of data on the status and loads of soil, water and air.