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This inspection service supervises the implementation of regulations in the fields of state roads, rail transport, cableway installations and ski slopes.

Road infrastructure inspection focuses mainly on supervising the implementation of regulations governing state road maintenance, protection of state roads and safe traffic. Owing to the effective work of road inspectors, state road infrastructure is maintained at an adequate level in terms of construction, regular and investment maintenance, management, protection of roads, safety of traffic, and the safety requirements of tunnels. The aim of inspections is to ensure an adequate condition of state roads and in turn guarantee safe traffic for all transport participants and reduce the number of road accidents.

In the field of rail transport, inspectors have a mandate to supervise rail infrastructure, provide oversight over rail transport management, and control industrial railways and other railways in the territory of Slovenia. The aim of inspections is to ensure an adequate level of safety in rail transport, thereby reducing the risk of damage, incidents and accidents.

The inspection of cableway installations and ski slopes is paramount for the safe functioning of cableway installations in accordance with technical standards and norms regarding the use of material; in addition, the inspection provides oversight over safety measures adopted for the functioning of ski slopes. By supervising cableway installations and ski slopes, the inspectors contribute to guaranteeing the safety of skiers and staff during cableway transport and on ski slopes, thereby reducing the number of accidents related to cableway installations and ski slopes.