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The Inspectorate inspects the implementation of the rules governing electronic identification and trust services and the rules governing the accessibility of websites and mobile applications. This is a supervision of the implementation of the rules that fall within the remit of the Ministry for Digital Transformation.

We carry out supervision in state authorities, bodies of local communities, bodies governed by public law under the law regulating public procurement, bearers of public authority, and other legal and natural persons.

We carry out supervision on the basis of our own definition of systemic supervision and on the basis of initiatives received or other information indicating possible irregularities.

Inspectors carry out inspection tasks to protect the public interest and the interests of legal and natural persons. In exercising our powers, we carry out our duties by interfering with the activities of the persons subject to our powers only to the extent necessary to ensure effective inspection.

The inspectors of the Information Society Inspectorate carry out inspections on the implementation of regulations that:

  • regulate the personal electronic identity granted by the Republic of Slovenia;
  • regulate the means of electronic identification used to prove this electronic identity and the electronic identification scheme based on this electronic identity;
  • regulate nine trust services, with an emphasis on qualified trust services;
  • regulate measures to ensure the accessibility of websites and mobile applications.

We are also working with ENISA and the European Commission. We are obliged to report to ENISA on the security breach and loss of integrity notifications we have received from trust service providers and to the European Commission on the work we have done on trust services and the accessibility of websites and mobile applications. This includes reporting on the state of the market in the Republic of Slovenia, cross-border cooperation, etc.

In addition to the above, we also compile, maintain, and publish a national trusted list, which includes information on qualified trust service providers and the qualified services they provide, together with information on the qualified trust services provided by these providers.

The Information Society Inspectorate carries out inspections under the Inspection Act and is also an offence authority under the Minor Offences Act.