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Military Schools Centre is the designated provider of military education and training programmes in the Slovenian Armed Forces.

Constituent units

  • Command and Staff School,
  • Officer Candidate School,
  • Non-Commissioned Officer School,
  • School of Foreign Languages,
  • Initial Training Centre,
  • Library and Information Centre,
  • E-Learning Section,
  • Military Museum.


  • Provide basic, elementary, advanced and functional military education and training.
  • Perform museum and library activities.
  • Provide training support for commands and units.
  • School of Foreign Languages

    Ministry of Defence
    General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces
    Military Schools Centre

    Poljče 28
    4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem

  • Military Museum of the Slovenian Armed Forces

    Ministry of Defence
    Military Heritage Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

    Vojaški objekt Kadetnica, Engelsova ulica 15
    2000 Maribor