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Special Military Police Unit performs special military police assignments and provides military police support to Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) units at home and in international operations and missions. In accordance with the legal provisions, it is responsible for the prevention, detection and investigation of deviant phenomena in the Slovenian Armed Forces.

Special Military Police Unit is a tactical-level unit subordinated to the SAF Force Command.


  • Command
  • Special Police Tactics Platoon
  • Criminal Investigation Squad
  • Bomb Protection Squad


  • Prevent, detect and investigate crimes in accordance with the law.
  • Perform the most demanding security tasks.
  • Implement counter-terrorism measures in the areas of particular importance to defence.
  • Protect military and civilian personnel performing work and duties in Slovenian Armed Forces that are of particular importance to defence, and protect military delegations, commands and units, the highest SAF representatives in Slovenia and abroad, and foreign senior representatives on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Conduct counter-terrorist checks; detect and destroy explosive ordnance, devices or substances originating from a crime or misdemeanour.
  • Cooperate with the state prosecutor's office and other competent services.
  • Organize and facilitate training and provision of military police expertise.