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The mission of the publication Contemporary Military Challenges (CMC) is to develop critical scientific and professional thought in the fields of security, defence and the military in close cooperation with the contemporary critical society at national and especially international level.

Contemporary security threats require innovative, environmentally friendly, sustainable and long-term ideas that will first protect and then enable the further development of democratic political systems and the protection of human rights and freedoms, ensure gender equality and provide a secure future for younger generations. In order to achieve these objectives and because knowledge and progress are inextricably linked, the CMC publishes interdisciplinary scientific and professional research, debates, technical and social science analysis related to global security challenges, crisis management, civil-military relations, international security and defence, and the functioning and development of the armed forces.

The development of (national) security systems is important because every individual, state and society contributes to international security. Individuals, their knowledge, equipment, technology, weapons and role in the society influence the security and future of themselves, their natural and national environments, and the energy they use to operate and create at home and in the wider social environment.

The publication is indexed in bibliography databases PAIS International and COBISS.SI
Printed edition ISSN 2232 – 2825
Electronic version ISSN 2463-9575

Since January 2023 the Contemporary Military Challenges is available on Sciendo.
Articles published before 2023 are available on Digital library of Ministry of Defence.

Contemporary Military Challenges Articles are available in digital library of MoD.

Editorial Board and organizational documents

The Slovenian Armed Forces Bulletin issued by the Slovenian Armed Forces General Staff has been published since 1999. In 2011, it changed its name to Contemporary Military Challenges. Its aim is to publish topical issues related to modern armed forces and their role within Slovenian national security system and wider in the international security environment.

The Point of Contact for cooperation with editorial boards and future authors in our publication is Managing Editor Liliana Brožič, phone: 00386-1-471-2880, e-mail: liliana.brozic(at)

Editorial Board
Executive Editor: Brigadier General Robert Glavaš
Managing Editor: Dr Liliana Brožič

Dr Valerija Bernik, Uniformed Specialist Class XIII,
Dr Denis Čaleta, Uniformed Specialist Class XIV,
Dr Tomaž Kladnik, Colonel,
Dr Igor Kotnik,
Dr Maja Garb,
Dr Tibor Szvircsev Tresh, Militärakademie an der ETH, Zürich,
Dr Thomas Young, Center for Civil-Military Relations, Monterey.

Secretary: Nataša Cankar, Sergeant Major

Editorial Council
Dr Andrej Anžič, Evropska pravna fakulteta, Nova Gorica
Dr Gorazd Bajc, Narodna in študijska knjižnica, Trst
Dr Anton Bebler, Fakulteta za družbene vede, Ljubljana
Dr Damir Črnčec, Fakulteta za državne in evropske študije, Brdo
Dr Bastian Giegerich, International Institute for Strategic Studies, London
Dr Olivera Injac, Univerzitet Donja Gorica, Podgorica
Dr Sergei Konoplyev, Harvard University, Cambridge
Dr Julie T. Manta, US Army War College, Carlise
Dr Thomas Mockaitis, DePaul University, Chicago
Dr Klaus Olshausen (OF-8, ret.), Clausewitz-Gesellschaft e.V., Hamburg
dr. Iztok Podbregar (OF-8), Fakulteta za organizacijske vede, Kranj