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Lieutenant General Robert Glavaš


Lieutenant General Robert Glavaš was born in 1962. He joined the Slovenian Armed Forces in 1991. He completed specialisation studies in transport at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport.

Current position: Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces

Previous employment: Galvanska oprema, Podgrad

Assignments in the SAF:

  • School for Reserve Officers – Artillery, Zadar (1982/83)
  • 1991 – 4th District Headquarters, Territorial Defence
  • Platoon Commander – 410th Training Centre, Postojna
  • Company Commander – 1/42nd Brigade, Ilirska Bistrica
  • Chief, S 3/7 – 1/42th Brigade, Ilirska Bistrica
  • Battallion Commander, 2/42nd Brigade, Ilirska Bistrica
  • Commander, 142nd Infantry Training Battalion, Ilirska Bistrica
  • Deputy Commander, 10th Motorised Battalion
  • Commander, 10th Motorised Battalion
  • Chief of Staff, 1st Brigade
  • Deputy Chief, J3, SAF General Staff
  • Commander, Joint Operations Centre
  • Chief J/G 3/5/7, SAF Force Command
  • Commander, Combat Training Centre
  • DCOS PLANS/TREX Branch Head, Joint Force Command Naples (3 years)
  • Deputy Commander, 1st Brigade
  • Commander, 1st Brigade
  • Deputy Chief of SAF General Staff


  • Deputy Chief of Staff, Support, Regional Command West, KFOR, Kosovo
  • Contingent Commander, ISAF, Afghanistan and Mentor to Commander, 207th Corps, Afghan National Army

Acquired experiences:

  • assignments at tactical, operational and strategic levels in Slovenia and abroad
  • chairing of different NATO exercise and training boards
  • co-author of NATO NRF and VJTF exercises (MTEP) and their implementation within the Rapid Action Plan(RAP)/Assurance Measures
  • member of NATO NRF (Land) Steering Committee
  • member of NATO Military Exercise and Training Steering Committee
  • President of the NATO CIMIC Centre of Excellence Steering Committee, Hague
  • commanding of units/branches in Slovenia and abroad
  • management of road maps for the development of EU forces (EU Rapid Response Force and EU Battle Groups)
  • preparation and management of EXCONs for NATO NRF and VJTF exercises
  • deployments in Kosovo and Afghanistan


  • Pivka '91
  • Drava '96
  • SKOK '04
  • Cooperative Associate '03 (CPX, Bulgaria)
  • Viking '05
  • Hawk Strike '06 (Certification Exercise, 10th Motorised Battalion, Varpalota)
  • Saber Juncture '12 – Deputy Head, EXCON
  • Naples Dark (JFCNP CPX) – Head, EXCON
  • Trident Juncture – Head of the JFCNP Validation Team
  • Naples Journey (JFCNP CPX) – Exercise Director
  • Trident Joust (JFCNP continuation exercise, deployment ROM, BLG) – Head, EXCON
  • Trident Jaguar (certification exercise for the German/Dutch Corps and NRDC ITA) – Exercise Director
  • Table Top Exercise – Exercise Director
  • Dacian Lynx – Certification Exercise MND SE Romania – Head, EXCEN.

Military Training:

  • Company Commander Course
  • Battalion Commander Course
  • Higher Staff Course
  • General Staff Course
  • NATO Staff Procedures Course
  • Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters course
  • NATO Peace Support Operation course
  • Combat Readiness Evaluation course
  • NATO SOF seminar: The New Strategic Context
  • Asymmetric Threats and Force Protection Seminar
  • NATO orientation course
  • Legal Aspects of Combating Terrorism Course
  • COIN course
  • C/IED course
  • NATO Exercise Planning Course

Medals and Decorations:

  • Silver Medal of General Maister
  • Bronze Medal of General Maister
  • Silver Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Bronze Medal of the Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Peace Keeping KFOR Medal
  • Non-Article Five ISAF Medal
  • Bronze Plaque of the Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Medal of the 1st Brigade, 2nd Order
  • Silver Plaque of the 10th Motorised Battalion
  • European Union Presidency Medal
  • Italian Medal for Cooperation
  • Italian Decoration of Honor of the Joint Staff of Defence

Lieutenant General Glavaš and his family live in Ilirska Bistrica.