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Tasks of the armed forces and the defence system

The most important tasks of the Slovenian Armed Forces are to ensure the readiness to provide military defence of the county, to fulfil the obligations undertaken by the country within international organizations and treaties, and to participate in the protection, rescue and relief in the event of natural and other disasters. In addition to the military, the defence of the country is provided by the non-military part of the defence system, which supports the activities of the Slovenian Armed Forces and the allied forces through civilian capabilities and measures. The country's defence system is activated in response to a possible crisis, war, and in the event of emergency.

Slovenian Armed Forces Units

Structure of the Slovenian Armed Forces

The Slovenian Armed Forces is not divided into branches, but it includes nine services:

  • infantry,
  • armoured units,
  • aviation,
  • naval units,
  • artillery,
  • air defence,
  • engineering,
  • chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence and
  • signals.

Types of forces

In terms of their combat role, the Slovenian Armed Forces are divided into:

  • combat forces,
  • combat support forces,
  • combat service support forces and
  • command support forces.

In terms of deployment capability, the Slovenian Armed Forces are divided into:

  • deployable forces and
  • non-deployable forces.

In terms of operational readiness, the Slovenian Armed Forces are divided into:

  • high readiness forces (2 – 90 days)
  • low-readiness forces (91 – 180 days) and
  • long-term build up forces (over 365 days).

Organisation of forces

In line with coordinated planning and in terms of the Combined Joint Task Forces Concept the Slovenian Armed Forces are organised as:

  • land component,
  • maritime component,
  • air component in and
  • special operations forces.