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The Culture and Media Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia performs inspections of compliance with laws, regulations and general acts governing the protection of cultural heritage, the archives and archive material, the media and audiovisual culture, librarianship and  legal deposit of publications, and the pursuit of the public interest in culture. In the field of public use of the Slovenian language and the law on the Radio-Television Slovenia, it shares its inspection powers with other inspection authorities.

Inspections in the above areas pursue the objective of eliminating irregularities and cases of non-compliance with regulations, while certain irregularities also have to go through minor offence procedures. In accordance with its powers, the Inspectorate collects information about the factual situation and evidence by means of on-site inspections (mainly performed throughout the country), acquires documents, expert opinions and statements by witnesses, conducts enforcement procedures, and issues its decisions in the form of decisions and orders. Minor offence procedures are used to determine the actual liability of offenders and the applicable sanctions, whether monetary or non-monetary.