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The Information and Documentation Division is an expert and technical division responsible for the protection of archival records in repositories and for providing assistance to users in the reading room.

The Division’s employees provide users with information on funds and collections held by the Slovenian national archives, advising them on where to find the information they need and informing them of the conditions for access to such records. On a daily basis, the Division prepares archival records to be made available for use by users in the reading room, which operates in accordance with the reading room rules.

Approximately ten users visit the reading room of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia daily, and there are, on average, more than 2,500 such visits annually. Most users visit the reading room because of their scientific and research work; however, individuals who need archival records for the purposes of legal or administrative procedures in which they are involved also often visit the reading room.

As a rule, users may access original archival records, unless this is not possible due to the physical protection of said records – in such cases users may access records in digital form. On written request, the Division issues various certificates and certified and uncertified copies of documents for official, business and personal purposes. It lends archival records for exhibition purposes only on the basis of a lending contract; in such cases, the Division ensures that the appropriate physical protection of the records concerned is provided and that the records are insured with an insurance company.

The Division is responsible for Slovenian national archives repositories. It monitors and ensures appropriate conditions for the storage of archival records, prepares archival records for users and archivists, and is responsible for the technical arrangement, re-arrangement and movement of archival records.

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