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The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, which is the central and largest archival institution in the country, performs the tasks of the national archives. It is a body within the Ministry of Culture.

The Archives is responsible for the uniform provision of public archival services. As the national archives, it protects the public archival records of state authorities, bodies holding public authority and/or exercising public services provided by the state, the Bank of Slovenia, state and public funds, agencies, and other legal persons established by the state and whose activities, as a rule, cover the entire national territory. It is responsible for the preservation of private archival records and film archival material and maintains a summary register of public archival records in the country, a register of archival records in neighbouring countries and abroad that relate to Slovenia and Slovenians, and a register of public symbols, coats-of-arms, flags, seals, and rubber and other stamps at the state level.

Its responsibilities include acquiring, protecting, processing and ensuring the use of the national archival cultural heritage. The archival records held by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia are of lasting importance to Slovenia, the Slovenian nation and individuals. Archival records are considered a cultural monument, as they are an invaluable source of information. They have been created over the course of almost a thousand years of operation of the state and local administration in the territory of Slovenia; today, archival records are mostly created as a result of activities of state authorities and other bodies governed by public law that are established by the state and operate throughout Slovenia.

According to data gathered in 2019, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia manages 27.850 running metres of archival records arranged in 1932 archival fonds and collections.


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