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The Department for North and Latin America and the Caribbean performs tasks concerning Slovenia's bilateral relations and the relations of the European Union with the countries of North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

It monitors the internal and foreign policy of these countries and social and other movements that affect their foreign policy and attitude to the Republic of Slovenia. It collects, processes and produces materials, information and analyses. It drafts documents and materials for international and intergovernmental meetings, puts forward initiatives for the contractual arrangement of individual issues, monitors the implementation of treaties with the aforementioned countries, and participates in the expert and analytical processing of the materials that the Ministry sends to other state authorities. It performs tasks related to the coordination of activities in the preparation of umbrella intergovernmental agreements.

It monitors the internal development and foreign-policy orientation of the USA, Canada and the countries of South and Central America and the Caribbean. It participates in the development of EU policy regarding relations with the USA, Canada, and the countries of South and Central America and the Caribbean.

It monitors the activities of regional organisations and other forms of regional cooperation, such as the Organization of American States (OAS), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mercosur, the Andean Community (CAN), Cariforum, and the Central American Integration System (SICA).