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Slovenian national minorities in the neighbouring countries

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The autochthonous Slovenian national community in the neighbouring countries is closely linked with the Republic of Slovenia, which is its homeland and its protector country. The links are particularly strong in the fields of culture, schooling and education, economics, and politics. Slovenia actively supports and promotes the interests and rights of the Slovenian national minorities in the neighbouring countries and encourages their integration in the social and political life of their nation of origin.

Slovenians in the neighbouring countries are compatriots who reside as autochthonous Slovenian national communities in the neighbouring countries, in the historic settlement area of the Slovenian nation. In addition to the terms "zamejstvo" and "zamejci" (translated as Slovenian national minorities in the neighbouring countries), the terms Slovenians in the neighbouring countries, Slovenians in the neighbourhood, and the autochthonous Slovenian national communities and/or minorities are equally used. The areas of the neighbouring countries where the autochthonous Slovenian national community resides and the Republic of Slovenia together form the common Slovenian cultural space.

The autochthonous Slovenian national community exists in all four neighbouring countries, but its numbers, situation and status vary significantly from country to country. 

The life of Slovenians in all four neighbouring countries and their activities can be followed at