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  • Nuška Čakš Jager: Vaccination should be expanded to the entire population

    The press conference on the current situation regarding COVID-19 was attended by Nuška Čakš Jager, the deputy head of the Communicable Diseases Centre of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), and Doroteja Štruc, the head of the healthcare programme and vaccination coordinator in the vaccination centre of the Celje Community Health Centre.

  • Press release regarding the STA situation

    The Government Communication Office (UKOM) is concerned about the situation in which the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) has been placed by individual supervisors of STA and the director Bojan Veselinović. Despite calls for a new contract, with which legal financing of liabilities that STA must carry out in line with the Slovenian Press Agency Act would be ensured, Director Veselinović keeps rejecting the deal with the Government Communication Office as the representative of the founder and continues to send invoices to UKOM. Despite warnings that UKOM has no business relationship with STA as of 1 January 2021, Director Veselinović submitted the invoice for the alleged performance of public service in March to UKOM. Due to the above facts, UKOM rejected the March pay-out.

  • Simona Kustec: The schedules of vocational and general matura exams remain unchanged

    The press conference on the current situation regarding Covid-19 was attended by the Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Dr Simona Kustec, State Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Franc Vindišar, and Director of the National Examinations Centre, Darko Zupanc.

  • Supercomputer Vega makes Slovenia a global superpower in terms of computing power

    According to the vice-rector of the University of Maribor, Zoran Ren, the Vega supercomputer, which was officially launched at the Institute of Information Sciences in Maribor on Tuesday, places Slovenia in stride with the world's superpowers in terms of computing power, thus enabling Slovenian and European scientists to make extraordinary discoveries.

  • Piran on the website of American CNN, an article in freundin inspired readers

    This week, the well-known American television network CNN published on its website an article entitled The Mini Venices around Europe, describing two Slovenian cities, Piran and Koper, as being among the most atmospheric towns that were once part of the Venetian Republic.

  • Romana Martinčič: Vaccination will curb the epidemic

    The press conference on the current COVID-19 situation was attended by the state secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MDDSZ), Cveto Uršič, and the director of the Trbovlje General Hospital, Dr Romana Martinčič.

  • Press release

    After reviewing the documentation, the Government Communication Office (UKOM) received only one new document from the Slovenian Press Agency (STA), although it was understood from the letter which Bojan Veselinović, Director of the STA, sent on Monday that the entire documentation requested would be delivered.

  • Prime Minister Janez Janša attends a videoconference with President of the European Council

    Today, before the European Council meeting, Prime Minister Janez Janša attended a videoconference with the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

  • Details regarding vaccination strategies with the mRNA and AstraZeneca vaccines

    Marta Grgič Vitek, the national coordinator of the vaccination programme at the NIPH, presented the results of vaccination in the country.

  • Press release regarding the financing of the Slovenian Press Agency (STA)

    On 27 January 2021, the Communication Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (GCO) fulfilled all of its obligations to the Slovenian Press Agency (SPA) arising from the public service contract.

  • A greater voice for women and girls in science

    Celebrated around the world on 11 February, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is an opportunity to promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls.

  • A Slovenian Christmas tree lights up the Vatican

    A Slovenian Christmas tree, a spruce from the Kočevsko forests, has been lit up in all its beauty today in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican. The tree is decorated with handmade ethnographic ornaments. The keynote speaker at the event was Dr Anže Logar, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

  • The Government Communication Office has responded to a letter by Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights regarding the financing of the Slovenian Press Agency

    Dear Ms Mijatović, May I begin by thanking you for your concern and the attention you have been devoting to the current situation regarding the Slovenian Press Agency (SPA). Just as you, I also want the current difficulties regarding the financing of the Slovenian Press Agency to be resolved as soon as possible to the benefit of the employees as well as the Agency itself.

  • Mourning the loss of a loved one is different for everyone

    Today’s press conference on the current situation of the Covid-19 epidemic was attended by Anica Hribar, director of the Brežice general hospital, and psychologist Žarko Trušnovec.

  • The Government has been notified by the Government Communication Office of the inability to perform the public service contract concluded with the Slovenian Press Agency

    At its 134th session by correspondence on 30 November 2020, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia was informed by the Government Communication Office (GCO) of the inability to perform Contract No. 81/2019 on the Performance of Public Service in 2020, concluded with Slovenska tiskovna agencija d.o.o. (Slovenian Press Agency), Ljubljana, and the inability to conclude a contract on the performance of public service in 2021.

  • A Slovenian Christmas Tree in the Vatican City

    This year, following the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and in agreement with the Holy See, a Slovenian Christmas tree, a spruce from the Kočevje forests, will be erected in St Peter's Square in the Vatican City. It will be decorated with handmade Slovenian ethnographic ornaments. A Slovenian Christmas tree being put up in the Vatican, as well as the accompanying promotional events that will take place, is an excellent way to promote Slovenia, especially in the light of Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of 2021. The project is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food. The opening ceremony will take place in the Vatican City on 11 December 2020.

  • Government Communication Office wins competition for best improvement in public administration »Shift Forward 2020«

    On 25 September 2020 at the 27th Days of Slovenian Public Administration organised by the Faculty of Administration of the University of Ljubljana, the winner of the competition for best improvement in public administration entitled »The Shift Forward 2020« was announced. The title went to the Government Communication Office for their Model of the central call centre for public information and raising awareness in the event of an epidemic.

  • Apple of Inspiration Award for the government call centre for coronavirus

    The President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor awarded the government call centre for information on the coronavirus the Apple of Inspiration Award for its significant contribution to life as normal as possible in the difficult times of dealing with the epidemic of the new virus. The president's recognition of the importance of the call centre's selfless and professional work was welcomed by all participants who helped callers with reliable and up-to-date answers. The call centre is concluding its work today.

  • The Slovenia-wide campaign THE TIME IS NOW. My Slovenia as motivation to holiday at home

    After the tourist market came to a full stop due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) responded with a motivational campaign for the domestic market entitled THE TIME IS NOW. My Slovenia. The Government Communication Office (UKOM) is a partner in this campaign. Together with the STO and other partners, we invite Slovenians to discover more or less hidden parts of Slovenia, to spend a short or long holiday in Slovenia, and, above all, to strengthen pride in our country through our joint efforts.

  • Young entrepreneurs really feel Slovenia

    Last year, the Government Communication Office once again collaborated with the Institute for the Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship. As part of the My Company programme, secondary school students developed a product for the promotion of Slovenia and the I feel Slovenia national brand.