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Meeting of Tallinn Group of friends of EU enlargement

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On 21 and 22 November 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the 27th Meeting of the Tallinn Group, which includes 14 countries supporting EU enlargement. By way of introduction, the participants were addressed by Political Director/Director-General for Common Foreign and Security Policy Matej Marn, who underlined the current status of the enlargement policy and its great significance for the stability and implementation of reforms in the region. He also stressed the importance for the EU to send out clear signals, which must be credible and in line with the undertaken commitments.

The meeting focused on proposals and ideas on how to provide a new impetus to the EU enlargement process. EU activities in the Western Balkans need to be enhanced and strengthened to ensure the region’s drawing closer to EU standards and norms faster and more effectively, which is prerequisite to its EU integration. The participants also exchanged views on the situation in the region and in individual Western Balkan countries.