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  • EU Home Affairs Ministers meet in Brussels to discuss the situation on the main migration routes

    Minister of the Interior Tatjana Bobnar attended an extraordinary meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Brussels. Ministers discussed the situation on the main migration routes.

  • European Commission protected the “Meso istrskega goveda - boškarina"

    European Commission published today in the Official Journal of the European Union the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/2267 of 14 November 2022 entering a name in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications (“Meso istarskog goveda – boškarina / Meso istrskega goveda – boškarina” (PDO)).

  • EU Foreign Affairs Council on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Great Lakes region and the Western Balkans

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanja Fajon attended the regular EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting chaired by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell in Brussels. The discussions focused on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Great Lakes region in Africa and the Western Balkans.

  • “Green light” for Slovenian 2023-2027 CAP Strategic Plan

    European Commission endorsed today the Slovenian 2023-2027 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plan (SN SKP 2023–2027). This is the key agricultural policy strategic document, on which basis in the next programming period Slovenia is going to provide for long-term food security, green breakthrough, sustainable development of Slovenian agriculture, forestry, food industry, and sustainable rural development.

  • EU Ministers on conditions in agricultural markets due to circumstances in Ukraine

    The Minister, Ms. Irena Šinko, participated today in the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting. The EU Ministers exchanged information on conditions in agricultural markets in particular due to the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine.

  • Slovenia for a greater role of forests within the ‘for forests group’

    The Minister Irena Šinko, participated today in the ‘For Forests Group’ meeting. The Member State Ministers, cooperating in the Group, signed the Guidelines and principles on closer cooperation in forestry within the European Union. The meeting was held in the margins of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting.

  • Immediate action by the European Commission on non-harmonised visa regimes of third countries urgently needed

    Interior minister Tatjana Bobnar attended the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg.

  • Slovenia in Brussels decisively advocates that the public intervention regarding sustainable energy prices is also permissible for industry

    The EU Competitiveness Council met today in Brussels, attended by State Secretary Matevž Frangež on behalf of Matjaž Han, the Minister of Economic Development and Technology. The meeting took place in the light of the exacerbated energy crisis and the Member States displayed a great degree of unity in all key decisions. The ministers supported the proposal of the new crisis instrument to protect the internal market.

  • Address by the President of the European Commission

    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivered her third State of the Union address to the European Parliament today, in which she set out the vision for the Union in the year ahead, before holding a discussion with MEPs the achievements of the last year and the way forward.

  • Counter-terrorism remains high on the agenda of the ministry and the police

    Today, State Secretary Dr Branko Lobnikar received the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Ilkka Salmi, who is visiting Slovenia as part of his working visits to EU member states after taking up his post on 1 October 2021.

  • Security, Combating Sexual Child Abuse and Migration on the Agenda for Ministers of the Interior in Prague

    Minister of the Interior mag. Tatjana Bobnar has attended the Informal meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in Prague.

  • Minister Bobnar and Director Gregori committed to constructive cooperation

    Minister of the Interior, Tatjana Bobnar met with Nina Gregori, the Executive Director of the EU Agency for Asylum (EUAA), in Ljubljana today.

  • On World Bee Day focus on young people

    Today marks the fifth World Bee Day, declared by the UN General Assembly on Slovenia’s initiative on 20 December 2017. In this European Year of Youth, World Bee Day is dedicated to the future of beekeeping and the role of young people in raising awareness of its importance.

  • EU home affairs ministers support the single registration systems for persons fleeing Ukraine

    EU home affairs ministers met at the Extraordinary Justice and Home Affairs Council today in Brussels to continue the discussion on the consequences of the situation in Ukraine. They focused on the reception and registration procedures for persons fleeing Ukraine, on the implementation of material and financial support for member states, and security issues. The Extraordinary Council was attended by Slovenian State Secretary Franc Kangler.

  • General approach for batteries regulation adopted

    Brussels, 17 March 2022 – The first formal meeting of the Environment Council during the French Presidency took place. At the forefront was the adoptionof the general approach for the Batteries and Waste Batteries Regulation. Ministers held a policy debate on the Fit for 55 legislative package, focusing on the ETS Directive and on the proposal for the Deforestation Regulation. During the working lunch ministers exchanged views on the greening of the European Semester.

  • Ministers support Commission's proposal to protect refugees from Ukraine

    Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs attended the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in Brussels. Following Sunday's extraordinary meeting on the situation in Ukraine, the ministers continued their discussion on the response to the situation there, which requires constant and close monitoring and an immediate and decisive EU response.

  • EU ministers of the interior unanimously condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine

    Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs has attended the extraordinary meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Brussles, convened by the French presidency. EU ministers of the interior met to discuss provision of humanitarian support to Ukraine, reception of refugees and the underlying aspects regarding the activation of the directive on temporary protection, management of the external borders, measures on visas and anticipation of hybrid threats.

  • EU home affairs ministers meet in Lille to discuss Schengen reform and migration policy

    Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs attended the two-day informal meeting of EU home affairs ministers in Lille, France. The key topics of the meeting were the reform of Schengen and progress in shaping a common EU migration policy.

  • Minister Hojs: Protecting EU's external borders is our shared responsibility

    Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs attended a two-day conference on border management in Vilnius. Participants addressed the issue of the instrumentalisation of migrants for political purposes and discussed common measures to strengthen surveillance at the EU's external borders in the face of increased migration flows. On the margins of the event organised by the Interior Ministers of Austria, Greece, Lithuania and Poland, the participants visited a border surveillance centre and were updated on the situation at the external border.

  • Slovenia will host the next meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention – COP23

    The 22nd Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean and its Protocols took place in Antalya, Turkey. The most important achievement of the meeting is the designation of the entire Mediterranean Sea as an emission control area for sulphur oxides. In addition to adopting the Medium-Term Strategy of the United Nations Environment Programme, the Mediterranean Action Plan for 2022–2027 and the Post-2020 Strategic Action Programme for the Conservation of Biological Diversity, the parties also designated new marine protected areas and adopted the Antalya Ministerial Declaration.