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Slovenia receives EUR 24 million for REPowerEU measures

Today, Slovenia received an advance of EUR 24 million of EU funds under the Recovery and Resilience Plan for the implementation of REPowerEU measures to reduce the dependence on Russian energy products and accelerate the green transition. In total, EUR 122 million is available to Slovenia for this purpose. It will receive the remaining funds when it meets the milestones and targets of the planned measures.

On 17 October 2023, the Council of the European Union approved the amendment to the Recovery and Resilience Plan adding the REPowerEU chapter. This chapter is the basis for the use of EUR 122 million in grants, i.e. EUR 117 million from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme's Market Stability Reserve and EUR 5 million from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve.

With its REPowerEU measures, Slovenia will strengthen its electricity distribution network, increase energy efficiency and strengthen efforts to decarbonise the economy. It will also simplify regulations on solar and wind plants, increase renewable energy capacity in district heating systems, and boost zero-emission public and private transport.

The implementation of the reform part of the REPowerEU chapter is related to the following legislation:

  • the Act Governing the Siting of Installations for Generation of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources, which entered into force on 3 August 2023, and
  • the Decree on detailed rules on spatial planning for siting photovoltaic installations, which is expected to be adopted in the second quarter of 2024.

The investment part includes an implementation plan for the following activities:

  • promoting a restructuring of the existing district energy systems towards renewable energy sources (EUR 20 million). The aim of the investment is to increase the share of renewable energy sources by 23 MW by the middle of 2026. The relevant public invitation to tender is expected to be published in the first half of 2024;
  • ensuring energy efficiency and decarbonisation of the economy (EUR 42 million). The investment is planned to support 22 projects, which will improve energy efficiency in the industry sector and reduce fossil fuel consumption by at least 10%;
  • strengthening the medium-voltage electricity distribution network (EUR 20 million). The investment will ensure the operation of at least 279 km of new or restructured network;
  • promoting the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in transport (EUR 40 million). The investment will ensure an increase in the number of charging stations by at least 792 standard or fast charging stations for emission-free vehicles and hydrogen refuelling stations, facilitate the purchase of five new electric or hydrogen-powered buses, and support the purchase of 2,700 emission-free vehicles.

Like with any other investment or reform under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, the activities related to REPowerEU must be concluded by the middle of 2026. A precondition for the payment of the EUR 122 million in full is the fulfilment of 12 milestones and targets related to the investments and the reform.

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