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Floods in Slovenia: The internal security system has been operating normally

Despite the difficult conditions due to the extensive flash floods in the majority of Slovenian territory, the internal security system has been operating normally. We are also closely monitoring the situation so as to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure.

The Slovenian Police have been carrying out both regular and emergency tasks with particular attention given to protecting people's lives, their personal safety and property. The most important tasks were related to helicopter rescue, road traffic management due to closed roads, the evacuation of persons and supporting the rescue of persons from buildings, protection of property and providing accommodation and care of evacuees.

The Air Support Unit of the Police carried out a series of difficult rescues in areas that were severely affected by the flash floods. Three helicopters were used for the rescue activities and several dozens of people were rescued, including from roofs and trees. The helicopter crews are now active in delivering food and other materials to areas where road traffic remains impossible.

To ensure the protection of property, the Police are present in the areas from which people have been evacuated and where homes have been left empty.

The system of administrative internal affairs (such as registers and the provision of travel and identification documents) is operating without interruption.

The vast flooding has also led to the loss or destruction of identity documents. To ensure their timely replacement, the applications for new official documents can be submitted at any administrative unit in Slovenia, free of administrative costs.

Government of the Republic of Slovenia has published a special website with current news and instructions related to flood measures.