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Information for Passengers on National Rail and Bus Services in Slovenia

Report includes information on Intercity Bus Transport, Domestic Rail Passenger Transport and International Rail Passenger Transport.

Information for Passengers on National Rail and Bus Services in Slovenia 

Intercity Bus Transport

Due to some road sections that remain impassable, certain intercity bus lines are still not running in the following regions: Koroška, in Zgornja Savinjska dolina, partly also in Gorenjska region near Škofja Loka and in Štajerska region in the area of Ptuj. The situation in gradually improving, however in some areas we expect longer disruptions to the planned timetables due to damaged road infrastructure. Detours or alternative services for cancelled trains are being arranged where possible. Bus services between the east and the west of the country were restored on Saturday following the re-opening of the A1 motorway.

Here are the most important disruptions according to bigger service providers:


On Monday,  August 7th, no lines in the Mežica and Drava valleys are operating in the Koroška region, namely the following routes:

  • Črna na Koroškem–Dravograd–Maribor–Črna na Koroškem
  • Črna na Koroškem–Slovenj Gradec–Črna na Koroškem
  • Dravograd–Slovenj Gradec–Dravograd
  • Slovenj Gradec–Črna na Koroškem–Slovenj Gradec
  • Slovenj Gradec–Dravograd–Slovenj Gradec
  • Ravne Na Koroškem–Slovenj Gradec–Ravne na Koroškem

In Koroška region, only lines running from Slovenj Gradec to Velenje, Celje and Ljubljana are operated.

In the region of Zgornja Savinjska dolina the following services are not operated:

  • Mozirje–Šmiklavž–Mozirje
  • Mozirje–Ljubno ob Savinji–Mozirje
  • Mozirje–Nazarje–Mozirje
  • Ljubno ob Savinji–Celje–Ljubno ob Savinji
  • Luče ob Savinji–Celje–Luče ob Savinji
  • Solčava–Mozirje–Solčava
  • Ljubno ob Savinji–Velenje–Ljubno ob Savinji
  • Šmiklavž–Celje–Šmiklavž
  • Šmihel–Mozirje–Šmihel
  • Šmiklavž–Nazarje–Šmiklavž

For up-to-date information please follow the link Nomago


The following bus lines are currently not operated:

  • Ptuj–Turški Vrh–Ptuj
  • Ptuj–Cirkulane–Ptuj
  • Škofja Loka–Žiri
  • Rovte–Žiri

Lines are also not operated around Gornji Grad and Kamniška Bistrica.

The Videm/Ljubljana stop is closed until further notice.

The line Radlje ob Dravi-Maribor currently runs to Lovren Bridge.

Jurovski Dol–Jakob (detour to Hrastovec–Močna–Vukovje, Jurovski Dol–Ketiš station is omitted).

For up-to-date information please follow the link Arriva

Domestic Rail Passenger Transport

Due to extreme weather conditions in the past days and damaged railway infrastructure no rail passenger services are currently running:

  • Between Ruše and Prevalje: there are no organised alternative services due to the impassable roads and inaccessible stations and stops. There is no timetable yet for the gradual re-opening.
  • Between Celje and Velenje: there is an organised alternative bus service, so traffic is running despite the closure of the line. The estimated timetable for the opening of this railway line is Monday 7th August in the evening.
  • Between Trbovlje and Litija: an alternative bus service is organised, so traffic is running despite the closure of the line. The planned timetable for the partial opening of this railway line is Tuesday 8th August, however certain restrictions will apply. A special adapted timetable for trains and alternative services is being prepared and will apply until August 20th, when the rehabilitation of the Sava–Litija section is expected to be completed.
  • Between Most na Soči and Jesenice: no alternative service is available due to the impassability of the roads and the geographical specificities. More information on the timing of the opening of this section will be available shortly.

Passenger information is updated on Slovenske Železnice webpage


International Rail Passenger Transport

Including today international passenger trains are running with a slightly modified organisation as follows:

  • Trains in the direction Dobova–Jesenice, with the exception of trains 314 and 315 (Dobova–Villach), are running on a diversionary route via Trebnje station (Sevnica–Trebnje–Ljubljana), passengers are diverted to local trains.
  • Trains to and from Austria and Hungary in the direction of Maribor/Hodoš: on the section Litija–Trbovlje alternative bus service is organised.
  • Trains in the direction of Croatia (Rijeka/Pula) run with modified trainsets throughout.
  • Trains towards Italy run with modified trainsets on the whole route.
  • Trains towards Hungary are running in modified trainsets: on the section Litija–Trbovlje alternative bus service is organised.
  • The motorail train Bratislava (SK)–Split (CRO) runs on a diversionary route via Trebnje station (Sevnica– Trebnje–Ljubljana).

International trains are scheduled to start running normally as of Tuesday August 8th according to their planned timetables.