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Positive Decision from the European Commission for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Deployment

The Ministry of the Environment, Climate, and Energy has notified the European Commission of a new measure of investment aid to promote the production of electricity and heat from renewable sources, as well as the storage of electricity and heat.

The aid is granted as state aid in accordance with the adopted temporary framework, which aims to enable Member States to address the liquidity shortage faced by companies which have been directly or indirectly affected by the serious disturbance to the economy caused by Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

On 9 June 2023, the Ministry received a positive decision on the compatibility of the aid with the internal market rules of the European Union.

After receiving the decision, the proposal for the regulation will be submitted to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for its adoption, with the proposal being expected to be approved by the end of this month. The regulation will specify the method, procedure, and conditions for granting the aid, types of energy technologies for production facilities, limitations on installed capacity for certain production facilities, types of beneficiaries of the aid, intensity and amount of the aid, reporting, and monitoring of the measure's implementation. Eligible recipients of investment aid will include legal entities, cooperatives, individuals engaged in profit-generating activities, and local self-government communities.

Investments in new production facilities based on installed capacity and using various technologies for the production of electricity from renewable sources, storage of electricity and heat, and production of heat from renewable energy sources will be eligible for the aid. A total of EUR 150 million will be available for such support, and a public call, which is expected to be prepared in September, will be implemented by the Centre for RES/CHP of Borzen d.o.o.

Through investment aid, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate, and Energy is accelerating investments in renewable energy sources and sustainable energy transition. Soon, new incentives for renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and the reduction of energy poverty will follow.