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Slovenia receives €50 million in EU funding for recovery and resilience

Following the European Commission’s preliminary positive assessment of the first payment request for a grant from the Recovery and Resilience Facility in early March, Slovenia has today received a transfer of just under €50 million. “The relevant European institutions have positively assessed the fulfilment of all 12 milestones linked to the first instalment of the grant. The Ministry of Finance, together with the Recovery and Resilience Office, will continue to closely monitor the implementation of the plan and the achievement of the milestones and targets, which are a condition for the payment of the funds from Brussels,” emphasised Finance Minister Klemen Boštjančič.

The Recovery and Resilience Plan is a national programme of reforms and investments financed from the Recovery and Resilience Facility. Slovenia will benefit from €1.5 billion in grants from the Facility by the end of 2026, while loans are also foreseen for the implementation of the Plan’s actions. Slovenia will receive the funds in several instalments, ten for grants and six for reimbursable funds. Today’s payment is the first payment of the grant after receiving €231 million in pre-financing in September 2021.

The instalment payments are conditional on the achievement of milestones and targets in the planned actions. Slovenia has successfully fulfilled all 12 milestones linked to the first instalment of the grant and has thus received the full amount of the first instalment. In line with the operational arrangements between Slovenia and the European Commission, the request was for €57 million gross; however, the net payment is lower in consideration of the proportionate share of the received advance payment.

Today’s payment will flow into a dedicated budget fund that finances the actions under the Slovenian Recovery and Resilience Plan, and projects that are already generating costs are being financed from this fund. The funds in each instalment are therefore not earmarked for specific projects, but for those that are already being implemented, regardless of the area. Slovenia is currently covering the incurred project costs with the received advance payment.