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Information for students who would like to study at the University of Ljubljana

All information for undergraduate students: Information days, Online session and Q&A session.

Students are welcome to join online sessions that will be held on 27 February 2023. University of Ljubljana will present the Slovenian educational system, study possibilities at the University of Ljubljana, the benefits of students' status, living in Slovenia, and other useful information. If you wish to attend the online sessions, please REGISTER HERE.

On 3 March 2023, Iniversity of Ljubljana will organize a Q & A session where it will be available for any advice or help with the application-admission procedure for undergraduate studies and recognition of foreign secondary education. If you or your students wish to attend the Q & A session, please REGISTER HERE

You can also visit us at the Virtual Fair of Education Na koji ćeš faks, where all the University of Ljubljana members (3 academies and 23 faculties) are represented.

The information days for undergraduate studies at the academies and faculties will be organized on 17 and 18 February 2023. For more information please check the academy / faculty website.

More information: