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Minister Fajon hands over two ambulances for Ukraine

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanja Fajon met with Ambassador of Ukraine Andrii Taran at the Medicop company headquarters in Nemčavci near Murska Sobota today to hand over two ambulances that Slovenia has donated to Ukraine.

Minister Fajon stressed that Slovenia has supported Ukraine from the first day of the war by providing emergency humanitarian aid and went on to assure the Ambassador of further aid and solidarity for the Ukrainian people. "Slovenia stands with Ukraine. We wish to help the Ukrainian nation the best we can, in different ways, including through diplomatic efforts and especially with material aid; in this regard, life-saving equipment is of the highest priority. I truly wish that the ambulances would soon only be used in times of peace," said the Minister at today's donation event.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already donated 580,000 euros for the purchase of ambulances to aid Ukraine. The first two ambulances, vehicles type b that are equipped to international standards, are worth 210,000 euros and will be transported to Ukraine in the following days. The third ambulance, vehicle type C that is equipped with a neonatal transport incubator and other key emergency equipment for the demanding transport of premature babies and their mothers will be heading for Ukraine in the first half of next year. Minister Fajon underlined the importance of Slovenian humanitarian aid. "The greatest victims of this or any other war are children. Up to this point, approximately 500 children died in the Ukrainian war, many are missing and, with our donation, we would like to help save these fragile lives."

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, Slovenia has donated 4.3 million euros in humanitarian aid and 1 million euros to finance the "Grain for Ukraine” humanitarian project of Ukraine's President Zelenskyy. The aid that Ukraine has received up to this moment accounts for Slovenia's biggest humanitarian donation of the past decade. Despite providing aid for Ukraine, Slovenia has not reduced the emergency humanitarian aid across the globe; it has even doubled the donations in the past two-year period.